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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we plan and manage your travel.


A great vacation begins even before you leave home that is why we spend time to understand your needs, preferences. expectations and you.


Wine tasting, culinary experience, rafting in the Zambezi river, trek to Virunga National Park, Nightlife in Budapest and more. Live to good life, you have the potential for.


Cherish the vacation for days, months and years after. We promise you not just fun holidays but loads of fun for years after your vacation is done.

We're pretty good at these things too

Custom Vacations

You are an avid traveler with your own preferences. We'll assist you in picking the next in destination. Don't be a me too traveler, pioneer new trails.

Itinerary Planning

Leave the details to us, we'll flesh out your itinerary to the last detail for a hassle free vacation. Not to worry there will be plenty of me time.

Hotel Reservations

When it comes to hotels we believe that there is only one perfect blend of location and price. We find that blend for you, that is our expertise.

Air & Surface Transport

We have a vast network of curated airline, transport, guides and other vendors across the globe. Trust us to pick the best service providers for each service.

Visa & Insurance

Visa documentation can be tedious at the best of times and frustrating most of the time. We'll fill your forms, submit them for you.

Experiences & Tours

Rely on us to find the most unique experiences and tours that give you an exclusive peek into local culture, traditions and flavours.

We can help you with...

Itinerary planning 100%
Visa Assistance 100%
Airline, hotel & transport reservations 100%
Insurance 100%

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